Stephen F. Austin, SAG-AFTRA

Acting Coach Stephen F. Austin, SAG-AFTRA

Acting Coach Stephen F. Austin, SAG-AFTRA

Acting Coach Stephen F. Austin, SAG-AFTRAActing Coach Stephen F. Austin, SAG-AFTRAActing Coach Stephen F. Austin, SAG-AFTRA

Better Call Saul, S4, Ep10 "Winner" as Kenneth Kazanjian

About The Workshop



The Actors Voice Workshop is the first franchise of the Rohrering Success Actor Workshops, headquartered in Littleton, CO and was founded by Paul Neal Rohrer in 1986 and is one of the longest-running actor workshops in the Denver Metro area. Paul Neal Rohrer is my business partner, former coach, acting mentor and dear friend. 

Paul Neal Rohrer has studied and worked with some of the most recognized and successful leaders of the film and television industry; Richard Dreyfuss, Chris Cooper, Tony Barr, Lynn Stalmaster, Marvin Paige, Mike Fenton and Dabney Coleman to name a few.

Students of the Roaring Success Workshops, study weekly since 1986. Former graduates include Naomi Grossman, Anna Sophia Robb and Caitlin McCarthy.

Rohrer’s experience includes training Law Enforcement in Crisis Intervention, 4 years of hosting the Roaring Success Radio Hour, Audio Books and numerous VOG gigs.

Pau is a published author and his 2nd edition book, Listen, Feel, Respond An Actor’s Workbook, published by Players Press, Inc. is available through Amazon.

Paul coaches on Tuesdays, 6-9pm at LSI Studios Inc., 8136 South Grant Way, Littleton, CO  80122

Link to ROHRERING SUCCESS website: 

Acting Coach Stephen F. Austin SAG-AFTRA


 Steve left his day job in 2013 to concentrate full-time as an actor, voice talent and acting coach. He joined forces with his acting mentor, former acting coach and new business partner Paul Neal Rohrer, opening the first franchise of the Rohrering Success On-Camera Workshops in Colorado Springs, in August 2013.  A professional actor and voice talent since 1993, Steve has worked with Kurtwood Smith, Terry O'Quinn, Jackie Weaver on Epix series PERPETUAL GRACE 2018. Most notably, Steve was featured in Better Call Saul (Season 4, Ep10 Winner) as lawyer Kenneth Kazanjian,  as well as the 2016 Lifetime TV holiday movie HEAVEN SENT, as George the mailman, with Christian Kane. In 2014 he was chosen to portray real-life Pastor Mike Turner in the dramatic re-enactment series FIGHT TO SURVIVE – THE JOURNAL, shown on the Outdoor Channel. An expert in the use of both ear & teleprompter, Steve has Emceeʼd for hundreds of live military and civilian events and is a professional voiceover talent for TV commercials, industrial videos, US Olympic Training Center videos and satellite training videos for private sector companies. From 2003-2013, Steve worked at HQ NORAD-USNORTHCOM. Steve is also a retired United States Air Force Master Sergeant (1981-2003).     

Link to Steve's website:

Cottonwood Center for the Arts


Located at the corner of Colorado Blvd and Corona St in Colorado Springs, the Cottonwood Center for the Arts is a two-story building filled with art, artisans an a theater space perfect for any occasion. The acting workshop is held upstairs on the second floor in room 235. 



Learn about the common-sense approach to on-camera acting Paul Neal Rohrer has developed over 30yrs of practice. His workbook "On Camera Acting - A Workbook and Guide" is filled with over 30 yrs experience and our actors are highly encouraged to purchase it to follow along during workshop.   From commercials to feature film scenes; from teleprompter/ear prompter work to monologues and beyond, ours is one of the most comprehensive on-camera acting workshops in the region.  


From commercials to feature film scripts, actors MUST know how to approach and breakdown a script in order to prepare a character who is closest to their own truth. 


Learn how to enjoy being in front of that camera! Commercials, industrials, two-person scenes MUST learn to watch your own work over and over and over...and over again. Once you accept yourself on camera, only THEN will you begin to see the GOOD STUFF!  ACTING is DOING. Everyone participates - no wallflowers in this workshop!


The Cottonwood Center for the Arts

427 East Colorado Blvd, corner of Corona and Colorado Ave, 2nd Floor in the Lord Theater.  FREE Audits are by appointment only.  First and/or third Tuesdays of each month. Call or email me for details!

The Actors Voice Workshop

427 E Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903, United States

(719) 660-6980




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Steve's Work - Film

Working opposite star Christian Kane (TNT's THE LIBRARIANS and LEVERAGE) As "George" the mailman in Lifetime TV's holiday movie HEAVEN SENT. Directed by Michael Landon Jr.

Steve's Work - TELEVISION

FIGHT TO SURVIVE - THE JOURNAL as Pastor Mike Turner, featured on THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL (edited)


Cress Kitchen and Bath


Connect for Health Colorado

Industrial (Teleprompter)

Teleprompter Demo Reel for G.A. Wright (Edited)

Industrial - Ear and Teleprompter Demo

Ear and Teleprompter Demo Reel


MNL Group


Faux Newscast

Important Policy Information - Read FIRST

Workshops are held Tuesdays from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm.    

AUDITS: An introductory workshop is offered at no cost or obligation. Here is a Map to the workshop location.  

Arriving “on-time” is considered “late.”  DO arrive 5-10 minutes before 6:30 pm.  If you arrive later, or are unsettled at 6:30pm, you are late.  On occasion you will have reason to be late.  As soon as you know, CALL  or TEXT – Steve Austin at (719) 660-6980 ALL MESSAGES ARE RECEIVED.

FEES: Workshops are $150.00 per month.    PRO-RATES on a case-by-case basis.* DUE ON OR BEFORE THE FIRST TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH. Checks are to be made to:  THE ACTORS VOICE LLC.  LATE FEES: If tuition is NOT RECEIVED on or before the 10th of each month, a $25.00 late fee will be assessed.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

REFUNDS: Workshop fees are non-refundable.    HOWEVER – If a student is hired for a job or other industry-related reason, Credits will be agreed upon.  Tuition may be moved to following month if you are unable to attend that month.  Individual classes are NOT pro-rated. (*EXCEPT for 1st month when starting.)

MAKE-UP SESSIONS: Steve is a working actor and from time to time, will have auditions and work either in Denver or Albuquerque. If I must postpone a workshop night, every effort will be made immediately to schedule either the following Weds or Thursday evening (same times) depending on availability of a room at the Center.  

SNOW POLICY:  Unless I cancel for dangerous conditions - If highways are open, so is workshop, so get good snow tires.

HONOR SYSTEM:  Steve honors your word as you honor his.  It is both Steve and Pau’s opinion that HONOR is more important than a contract agreement.  By agreeing to enroll, you agree to pay (minimum) $450.00 for the initial 3 months (payable month to month).  You also agree give a TWO WEEK NOTICE for month-long (or more) absences.PLEASE consider this agreement BEFORE joining the workshop.

GETTING WORK:  Steve is not an agent, nor does he represent any one agency. Steve is a coach, NOT a teacher and CANNOT guarantee any work or financial gain from your having participated in his avocational program.  On occasion, Steve will refer students upon request from directors and producers he knows. However, Steve takes no fees or commissions for this action. If you choose me as your coach, I am available by email or telephone (719) 660-6980 or scheduled meetings 5 or more days per week; (not just workshop time.) Your success and pursuit of success is my greatest reward. 

LOCATION:    Cottonwood Center for the Arts, 427 East Colorado Blvd, COlorado Springs, CO 80903  

FREE PARKING on street or in the EAST parking l

Tuition Payment


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